Highly recommended dishes





Pizza Bresaola: Tomato sauce, mozarella, rucola, bresoala, parmesan, black   32,-

Risotto with vegetables, smoked salmon and rucola   30,-

Risotto with oyster mushroom  and parmesan   28,-

Risotto with roasted duck, carmelized pear and thyme  35,-

Ravioli with parma ham and ricotta, tomatoes sauce  32,-

Ravioli with spinach, ricotta and smoked salmon with gorgonzola sauce   29,-

Corn chicken fillet with bone serves with pasta with spelled flour, tomato and spinach sauce with garlic, fried oyster mushroom, rucola and parmesan *  32,-

Pork chop a la Milanese with fried egg, vegetable salad and roasted potatoes *  35,-

Fillet of trout with vegetables ratatouille and spicy Belgian fries with parmesan *  36,-      



* - sets and dishes marked with an asterisk are not available within Groupon.pl offer.