White pizza
– without tomato sauce -

Focaccia with garlic, rosemary, oil, sea salt  20,- 

Focaccia with vegetables, shrimps, mixed lettuces  27,-

Focaccia with onion chutney, goat cheese, garlic butter  28,- 

Crostino:  mozarella, fresh champingons, ham  24,-

Carbonara: cream sauce, bacon, onion, parmesan, egg  28,- 

Diesel: mozarella, courgette, shrimps  28,-

Di Capra: cream sauce, mozarella,  goat cheese, cranberries, nuts, herbs with lavender  30,- 

Galinacci: cream sauce, mozarella, goat cheese, chanterelles, bacon, thyme  34,-

Panna & Gorgonzola: cream sauce, mozarella, gorgonzola, leak  28,-

Testata: mozarella, fresh tomatoes, dried ham, rucola  29,-

Vegetariana: mozarella, assorted vegetables, oregano  28,-

Ruota: mozarella, double ham, fresh tomatoes, rucola, parmesan  28,-

Spinaci: mozarella, spinach, egg, garlic, nuts, thym  29,-

Quatro formaggi: mozarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, brie  27,-


Red pizza
– with tomato herbal sauce -

Margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella  21,-

Bambino: tomato sauce, mozarella, ham  22,-

Marinara: tomato sauce, mozarella, garlic, oregano, oil extra virgin  21,-

Prosciutto & Funghi: tomato sauce, mozarella, ham, champignon  24,-

Salami & Cipolla: tomatoe sauce, mozarella, napolitan broccoli, salami  27,-

Melanzana: tomato sauce, mozarella, grilled aubergine, rosemary, tomatoes  30,-

Napoletana : tomatosauce, mozarella, anchois, capers  26,-

Capricciosa : tomato sauce, mozarella, champignon, ham, black olives, artichoke  28,-

Salmone: tomatoe sauce, mozarella, smoked salmon, capers, spinach  31,-

Frutti di Mare: tomatoes sauce, mozarella, seafruits, rucola, parmesan  34,-

il SALVATORE: tomatoe sauce, mozarella, regional cheese, prunes, dried Krakowska sausage, red smoked pepper  34,-

La Fresca : tomato sauce, mozarella, ham, artichoke, tuna  28,-

Gambretti & Mais : tomatosauce, mozarella, shrimps, corn  29,-

Naturona : tomato sauce, mozarella, champingons, corn, courgette, oregano  28,-

Massese: tomatosauce, mozarella, spicy salami, Grana Padano cheese, basil  30,-

Golosona: tomato sauce, mozarella, forest mushroom, ham, bacon  29,-

Amatriciana: tomato sauce, mozarella, bacon, onion, black pepper  28,-

Sparago Verde: tomatoe sauce, mozarella, cocktail tomatoes, green asparagus  30,-

Nocerina: tomato sauce, mozarella, smoked cheese, spicy salami, black pepper  30,-

Pollo: tomato sauce, mozarella, grilled chicken breast, red beans, pepper  32,-

Salami & Pomodori secchi: tomatoe sauce, mozarella, salami dried tomatoes  31,-

Diavola: tomato sauce, mozarella, spicy salami, piri - piri paprika, chili olive oil  30,-

Calzone Bolognese:  tomato sauce with pork and beef minced meat, mozzarella, garlic, herbs  30,-



For Your speciall request we can prepare all kind of pizza with original mozarella di Bufala made of buffalo milk.

Additional cost of bufala cheese is – 6pln for each pizza.

If You take any extra addition to pizza – 3pln