Pasta and Main dishes

First courses

All pasta dishes except lasagne and cannelloni are also made with gluten-free pasta.

Penne with spinach sauce and parmezan  26,-

Spaghetti a `la Bolognese  26,-

Spaghetti a `la carbonara  26,-

Lasagne bolognese 28,-

Canelloni with spinach,  besamel sauce  26,-

Mushroom risotto  32,-

Risotto with roasted duck, carmelized pear and thyme  36,-

Home made ravioli with salmon, ricotta, spinach and gorgonzola sauce  32,- 

Home made ravioli with champignons and mozarella with tomatoe sauce  32,-


Main dishes

 Chicken fillet with potatoes gratina, spinach, cherry tomatoes and gorgonzola sauce *  32,-

Pork chop a la Milanese with fried egg, vegetable salad and roasted potatoes *  35,-

Fillet of trout with vegetables ratatouille and spicy belgian fries with parmesan * 36,-